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Performed in front of 140,000+ kids

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Why Book The EcoHero Show?

Partner With Us To:

  • Reinforce/create a sustainable culture
  • Have students keep the school free of litter
  • Decrease energy usage
  • Decrease water usage
  • Increase recycling
  • Create worldwide citizens
  • Inspire EcoHero leaders for life

What's In The EcoHero Show?

Our environmental education program centers around a 40 minute assembly called "The EcoHero Show." Through engaging hip-hop music videos using the universal love for animals and heroes, Mr. Eco empowers students to become EcoHeroes at school and at home!

PDF Program Overview

This one page overview explains the program and payment options. It is perfect to print and give to a Principal, Assembly Coordinator, Counselor, PTA/PTO President or administrator who schedules assemblies. Download Mr. Eco’s Resume

How To Have The EcoHero Show At Your School

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